Robert Hale and Kathleen G. Hayden
Family tree and Descendants

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This is the information on the Robert Lee Hale Family Tree as of Jan. 2007
Last updated March 2010

Robert Lee Hale (son of James Earl Hale)
born: 4-28-1928 (Evansville, Ind)
died: 12-5-1990 (Evansville, Ind)
marriage: 8-24-1948 to Kathleen G. Hayden (Evansville, Ind)
note: buried in St. Joseph's Cemetery, see headstone.

Kathleen Genevieve Hayden
died: --
marriage: 8-24-1948 to Robert Lee Hale
note: see Kathy's mother, Genevieve Kaltenbacher Hayden see the Kaltenbacher family picture

Children of
Robert Lee Hale and Kathleen Genevieve Hayden


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