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This is the known information on the John Hale Sr. Family Tree. See our information that was passed to us. Hale page 1 Hale page 2 Hale page 3

John Hale Sr.
born: (b. about 1706 in Lancaster, Pa. to 1787 in Botetourt, Va.) (see Kim's note below)
marriage: Elizabeth
note: This is John Hale Sr (Levi Hale Sr. grandfather), who served in the Revolution, along with his son John Jr while still living in Botetourt Co., VA. see this document


Children of
John Hale Sr and Elizabeth

Thomas Hale ( Thomas / Armstrong tree)
born: October 19, 1742, Augusta County, VA
died: 1812? (or July 1802, Montgomery Co., VA.)
marriage: Jane Armstrong
note: Issue: John b. 7/29/1765; Armstrong; Jane; Joseph; Mary; Sarah; Jehu; Thomas; Betsy

William Hale?
born: Bef. 1750, VA
marriage: m. Williams
note: This William Hale born before 1750 may be John Hale Sr.'s brother and children, Thomas, Edward and Jesse listed for John Sr. may be William's.

John Hale Jr. (Hale / Willis tree)
born: Abt. 1750, Botetourt Co., VA
died: 1798, Mercer Co., KY
marriage: He married Mary Willis Abt. 1773 in Botetourt Co., VA, daughter of JOSEPH WILLIS and HANNAH
note: apparently this is the father of Levi Hale Sr. (1774-1826) see this document

Joseph Hale
born: Bet. 1751 - 1753, VA?
died: July 1791, Mercer Co., KY
marriage: Nancy Willis
note: son (Thomas (Thomas - Elizabeth tree) (ca 1775/96 -1829) m Elizabeth Devine; son Levi (ca 1821- )


Email from Kim Ross:

My ancestry:

John Hale, Sr.
Thomas Hale + Jane Armstrong
Armstrong Hale + Elizabeth Ruble
Caleb Hale + Sally Huff
Zemirah Hale + John Johnson
Calvin Johnson + Sarah Elizabeth Westerfield
John Andrew Johnson + Anna Dean(e)
Carl Andrew Johnson + Adeline Louise Mary Schumert
Jewel Marvel Johnson + Donald Louis Ross


George Hale (b. about 1647 in England)
Nicholas Hale, Sr. (b. about 1670 to 29 Mar 1730 Baltimore co., Maryland)
John Hale (b. about 1706 in Lancaster, Pa. to 1787 in Botetourt, Va.) + Elizabeth
Jesse Hale, Sr. (b. about 1760 to 15 Dec 1812 in Harrodsburg, Mercer, Ky) + Nancy Huff
Hannah Hale (b. about 1792 in Mercer co., Ky to 1823 Daviess co., Ky) + John Westerfield
David Westerfield + Catherine H. Lee Whittinghill
Sarah Elizabeth Westerfield + Calvin Johnson
John Andrew Johnson + Anna Dean(e)
Carl Andrew Johnson + Adeline Louise Mary Schumert
Jewel Marvel Johnson + Donald Louis Ross

I'm trying to find official documents on Armstrong to link him to his parents Thomas & Jane Armstrong Hale. Any direction you or others can give me would be much appreciated. Feel free to have a look at my trees. They're a work in progress. :-) Thank you!

Kim Ross
slimkim at gci dot net (no spaces)
The Ross & Johnson Families on Ancestry & Rootsweb


Below are notes about John Sr from the former Hale Roots webpage, which is now defunct, and I haven't been able to relocate this information on a new website anywhere.
See our notes comparison with the Hale Roots website

1. JOHN1 HALE, SR.1 was born Bet. 1706 - 17251, and died Aft. June 1793 in Franklin County, VA1. He married ELIZABETH1.

Revolutionary War: John Hale "gave supplies". References: Kentucky Ancestors, vol.12-No.2, October 1976, Arlene Brachman and Kegley's Virginia Frontier, pg. 582.

The Henry Co., VA land records show John Hale Sr. sold land (which he received in 1783 as a grant) in Botetourt Co., June 1792. In that transaction he is listed as "of Franklin County". Witnesses were Thomas and Joseph Hale and William Campbell, son-in-law of Thomas Hale who married Jane Armstrong.

There is speculation as to whether John Hale Sr. had a brother and a son, William, and whether Thomas, Edward and Jesse were children of a brother William whom John Hale Sr. may have been caring for. There was a William Hale living in the area, possibly the same William Hale who was killed by Indians in 1774. (source: Hite Report; the Draper Papers doesn't say what happened to him) Daughter, Hannah is speculative.

Note: Edward, Thomas and Jesse each named a son William and no son named John. There is a William Hale in the area in the 1780's, who got land in Fincastle Co., VA in 1776. (Source: Arlene Brachman).

Note for ELIZABETH: Coslow Birchell notes indicate a possible death for Elizabeth c. 1786, VA.

Children of JOHN HALE Sr and ELIZABETH are:

2. i. THOMAS2 HALE, b. October 19, 1742, Augusta County, VA; d. July 1802, Montgomery Co., VA.
ii. WILLIAM HALE1, b. Bef. 1750, VA1; m. _____ WILLIAMS.
Note: This William Hale born before 1750 may be John Hale Sr.'s brother and children, Thomas, Edward and Jesse listed for John Sr. may be William's
3. iii. JOHN HALE, JR., b. Abt. 1750, Botetourt Co., VA; d. 1798, Mercer Co., KY.
4. iv. JOSEPH HALE, b. Bet. 1751 - 1753, VA?; d. July 1791, Mercer Co., KY.
v. MARY MARGARET "POLLY" HALE1, b. Abt. 17521; d. Bet. 1814 - 1815, Mercer Co., KY1; m. CHARLES HUNGATE1, Bet. 1772 - 17731.
5. vi. EDWARD HALE, b. Abt. 1756, Franklin Co., VA; d. Abt. 1820.
vii. BENJAMIN HALE, b. Abt. 1758.
viii. ELIZABETH HALE1, b. Abt. 17611; d. August 19, 1839, Washington Co., IN1; m. JOHN HUNGATE1.
6. ix. JOB HALE, LT., b. Abt. 1764, Randolph Co., NC; d. November 06, 1792, Preble Co., OH.
x. ABIGAIL HALE1, b. Abt. 176511; m. LEVI LOYD1, January 07, 1786, Botetourt Co., VA1.
xi. JESSE HALE1, b. Abt. 17681; d. December 15, 1812, Mercer Co., KY1; m. NANCY HUFF1, Bef. 1791.

Notes for JESSE HALE: Will: Probated April 1813, Mercer Co., KY He owned 563 acres on Chaplin River, Mercer Co., KY at his death. (Source: Birchell Coslow)
xii. HANNAH HALE1, b. Unknown; m. DANIEL HUFF1, August 30, 1790, Franklin Co., VA1.


jonielynnhale | June 1, 2007 - 9:11pm

Hi, my name is Jonie Lynn Hale. I am the daughter to Kerry B. Hale born in 1955 near Oakland City, IN. My paternal grandparents are Jack Elvis Hale and Nona Carol Phillips both from the same area.

My Greatgrandfathers name is Edward Hale and as long as I knew him he lived in Princeton, IN.

My brother Jason Lyle Hale (9-12-76)and I grew up in Oakland City, IN. We both attended Wood Memorial High School. My date of birth is 3-31-74. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, I have been here now since august of 1994. I would love to know if we are related???

If you could please let me know, otherwise I don't want to add any of my information, since the above is all that I have. I love geneology, and would love to know who my extended family is. I would appreciate your help! Thanks so much for taking time to read this.

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