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Last updated February 27, 2008

The Kaltenbacher family begins with their immigration to America from Germany. Stephan (Stefan) and Genoveva "Genovefa" King Kaltenbacher traveled together from Lauterbach, Wuerttemburg, sailing on ship called the Cumberland, from Havre, to New Orleans, arriving on November 19, 1859. They settled and raised their family in Evansville, Indiana.

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First Generation

1. Stephan (Stefan) and Genoveva "Genovefa" King Kaltenbacher - Stefan Kaltenbacher, marriage to Genoveva King; some documents in German. Immigration: November 19, 1859 From Lauterbach, Wuerttemburg, sailed on ship Cumberland, from Havre, to New Orleans, traveled with Genoveva, age 53; Theresa, 25; Elise, 22; Johann, 21; Joseph, 18; Dominique, 10; and Sebastion, age 8.

Second Generation

2. Louis Kaltenbacher - Louis is the son of Stephan (Stefan) and Genoveva "Genovefa" King Kaltenbacher, born August 23, 1832 in Lauterback, (Shramburg,) Wuerttemburg, Germany. Louis married Mathilde Erdtel and Pauline Erdtel.

2. Theresa Kaltenbacher - see Stefan and Genoveva King Kaltenbacher

2. Agatha Kaltenbacher - see Stefan and Genoveva King Kaltenbacher

2. Elizabeth "Elise" Kaltenbacher - see Stefan and Genoveva King Kaltenbacher

2. Johann (John) Kaltenbacher - Son of Stephan and Genoveva Kaltenbacher; married Rosina who is the daughter of John and Dorothy Rockenmeyer

2. Joseph Kaltenbacker - Thanks to Joan in Erie, we have information about Kristina and Joseph Kaltenbacher.

2. Dominicus Kaltenbacher - see Stefan and Genoveva King Kaltenbacher

2. Sebastian Kaltenbacher - see Stefan and Genoveva King Kaltenbacher

Third Generation

3. Joseph N. Kaltenbacher - Son of Johann (John) Kaltenbacher and Rosina Rockenmeyer.

3. Genevieve Elizabeth. Kaltenbacher and Charles B. Hayden -Daughter of John Kaltenbacher and Rosina Rockenmeyer, Charles B is the son of George Washington Hayden and Louisa Valia Powell

Fourth Generation

4. John Charles Kaltenbacher - Son of Joseph N. Kaltenbacher and Lillie Ambrose.

Fifth Generation

5. John Michael Kaltenbacher - This is the information on John Michael Kaltenbacher, son of John Charles Kaltenbacher and Roberta Joe (McConnell)

Kaltenbacher Photos

These photos are in an album in the possession of Kim D. Strohmeier in Owenton, KY. Six-eight years ago, he received a family photo album from his uncle that was Louis & Pauline K's children, along with birth & death info. His connection - Louis Kaltenbacher's daughter Ida married a Strohmeier.

The other photo with Elizabeth- it's an old tintype with no name. Based on where it is in the album, and the age of the people when a tintype would have been taken, I would speculate that this is Stephen & Genoveva (Genovefa) King Kaltenbacher, our GGG Grandparents (Louis's and Johannes's parents.) I can't believe that I'm the only one that has this photo. One of my family research goals is to find someone else who has a duplicate, and maybe they have one that is labeled.

Kaltenbacher births - Kaltenbacher deaths

Ship's Manifest for Louis Kaltenbacher - page 2 From: Carlisle Danzeisen's Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2008 7:02 PM To: Strohmeier, Kim D Subject: 1850 Apr - St. Nicolas - Louis Kaltenbacher

"Kim, I located the manifest for Louis Kaltenbacher. (The index listed it under the wrong name.) New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 Name: Frcies Kaltenbacher Arrival Date: 13 Apr 1850 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1833 Age: 17 Gender: Male Port of Departure: Le Havre, France Ship Name: St Nicolas Port of Arrival: New York, New York Line: 1 Microfilm Serial: M237 Microfilm Roll: M237_87 List Number: 220 Source - Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York, New York, 1820-1897; (National Archives Microfilm Publication M237, 675 rolls); Records of the U.S. Customs Service, Record Group 36; National Archives, Washington, D.C. Source Citation: Year: 1850; Microfilm serial: M237; Microfilm roll: M237_87; Line: 1; List number: 220."

Ship Manifest Cumberland - "Here's the ship manifest for the Evansville Kaltenbachers 1859 Nov - Ship Manifest Cumberland - Stephan Kaltenbacher Family The family is listed on the first page of the manifest, so there is only one attachment."

Louis Kaltenbacher - A portrait by himself.

Louis and son Charles in front of store - This store photo is Louis and son Charles, taken in downtown Louisville. (244 3rd street, based on photo as well as Louisville city directory.) The convention center now occupies that spot.

Louis and Pauline Kaltenbacher - Here's an older photo of Louis & wife Pauline as a younger couple, sent to me by an Edward K descendant. This is another reason I think Louis is a brother to the Evansville bunch- look at the resemblance!

Louis & Aunt Louise photo - Another K. cousin sent me this Louis & Aunt Louise photo.

Lena Jenne Lawson - The Lawson file also shows her with no name. I don't have a clue who she is. I also don't know who Lena Lawson is. That is in the photo album, in the same sections as siblings.

Sebastion Kaltenbacher - "Sebastion is the youngest brother. Sebastion's photo was taken in Uniontown or Henderson. Don't have the actual photo with me, but want to think it was Union Co KY, (just west of Henderson.)Toward the end of the album were some photos of some of the Evansville Kaltenbachers (labeled photos of Sebastion K and Elizabeth K. Sohmer, which I know are your great grandfather Johannes's siblings.) No connection was listed, but the fact that they were even in the album signifies a fairly close connection. Both sets of families were from the same place in Germany."

Elizabeth Kaltenbacher - Elizabeth is Johannes's older sister, who immigrated with Sebastion. Elizabeth stands by her husband, Lorenz Sohmer. It is signed Elizabeth Somers. Adjacent is another photo but it is unsigned. It may be Stephan and Genoveva, her parents.

Dominic Kaltenbacher? - This unsigned picture may be of Dominicus and his wife, Sarah Rebecca Dill. Someone sent Kim the unknown picture, and she can't recall who it was. Since it's taken in Louisville, she's pretty sure it's Dominicus K, another Johannes brother. Kim also has a poem that was written by one of Dominic's sons, that came from Louis's son, with a handwritten notation that they were 1st cousins. Could have been a twin of brother William

Dominicus Kaltenbacker - This is brother Dominic as an older man in Shelbyville, KY


"With all this said, I can't make an absolute iron-clad connection between yours and my family, but I am reasonably sure of it. The records of the Catholic church in Lauterbach Germany is included in the Mormon familysearch collection, and sometime I intend to order it and try to find the proof I want. Just will require 2-3 trips to Louisville to the closest Mormon church family history center. One of the changes that I'm reasonable sure of- the father of the immigrant family is named Stephen, (not Pius) and his wife was Genoveva King. They are both buried in St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery, in Evansville."


Kaltenbacher Documents

These documents for John Kaltenbacher are in the possession of John Micheal Kaltenbacher.

A Kaltenbacher Travel Document - State of Indiana, Vanderburgh County... I, George G. McGrerva, notary public, within and for said county and state do hereby certify that the following is a correct copy of one received from Germany.

Certificate of Discharge1 - Reenlisted - extension of term - as a volunteer in the Indiana Infantry was enrolled April 3, 1964 to serve 100 days, discharged Sept 2nd, 1864.

A Certificate of Thanks - A certificate of thanks for serving during the Civil War, signed by Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton, and President Abraham Lincoln, dated December 15, 1864.

Certificate of Discharge2 - John Kaltenbacher was a volunteer in the Civil War - Indiana Infantry - October 8, 1864 to serve one year, was discharged July 15, 1865 at Louisville, KY by General Order #24. John Kaltenbacher was born in -- in the State of Indiana and is 20 years of age, 5 feet 5 inches high, light complexion, grey eyes, brown hair, occupation ...



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