James Masters Hale, Jennie Springston
James Masters Hale, Emily "Belle" McCoy
Family tree and Descendants

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James Masters Hale is the son of Davis Hale and Frances Tilley
Emily Belle McCoy is the daughter of James Madison McCoy and Lydia Shrode (Kannedy}

James Masters Hale

born: 07-29-1855 (Spencer Co., IN)
died: 1893 (Spencer Co., IN)
age: 38
1marriage: 09-09-1875 to Jennie Springston (b. 1857; d. 01-29-1886)
-Claude B. Hale (b. 1879; m. 07-01-1900 to Iva A. Farmer)
-William Rosco Hale (b. 04-03-1885; m. Nora Bolin)
2marriage: 11-11-1886 to Emily Elizabeth McCoy
- Clifford Hale
- Viena Hale
- Charles W. Hale
- James Earl Hale
note: (Note from Tina) James Hale died in 1893 he is buried in Pleasant Valley Cemetery, James M Hale and his first wife, Jennie Springston, are both listed twice in Cemetery Bk. 1, pgs 81 and 91. His date is listed as 1893 on pg. 81; and 1896 on pg 91.

Jennie Springston
died: 1886 buried in Pleasant Valley Cemetery see headstone
marriage: James Masters Hale

Children of
James Masters Hale and Jennie Springston

Claude B Hale
born: 1879
marriage: m. 07-01-1900 to Iva A. Farmer

William Rosco Hale
born: 4-03-1885
marriage: m. Nora Bolin

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Emily Elizabeth (Belle) (Emma Isabelle) McCoy

born: 02-02-1860 (IN)
died: 07-28-1952 (Evansville, IN) certificate (Emme)
age: 92
marriage: 11-11-1886 to James Masters Hale.
note: See her parents James Madison McCoy and Lydia (Shrode) Kennedy (Kannady)
Buried at Memorial Park in Evansville. Note on the back of the death certificate, it is typed that her father is James McCoy and mother is Lydia Shrode. Also, the middle initial is "I" and her nickname was "Belle." See pictures of homes where the family lived... homes of Belle Hale
Note: (Note from Tina McCoy) Emma Belle married November 11, 1886 in Spencer county, Indiana to James M. Hale. She had two female one born on Dec. 16, 1885 and one born on April 18, 1889.(So who is the female child born in 1885?)

Children of
James Masters Hale and Emily Elizabeth "Belle" McCoy

Clifford (McCoy) Hale
born: 1885? (note same date as William R)
died: 02-13-1947 (Evansville, IN)
note: Hartley Jr says, "See if you can find a death certificate on Clifford Hale or Clifford Mccoy. That's Emma's son. I never knew who his father was."

Viena Hale
born: 04-18-1889
died: at birth? 1889

Charles W. Hale
born: ?
died: 01-15-1955
marriage: Lorena
children: Edith Hale (b. 1913; d. 07-25-1975; m. Charles H. Kello; c. Charles H. Jr.)
marriage: Nellie

James Earl Hale (James Earl - Winders tree)
born: 07-27-1893 (Chrisney, IN) (notes say 1892)
died: 09-25-1966 (Evansville, IN)
marriage: 09-14-1912 to Emily Alice Winders (Winders tree)
children: see (James Earl Hale and Emily Alice Winders)



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