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Two other sources, an old bible that belonged to the granddaughter of Levi Hale Jr., and the will of Levi Hale Sr.. All children appear to have been born in Richland, Indiana except for James, who is the oldest son, and not included in the 1820 Spencer County Census.
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Levi Hale Sr.
born: 1774
died: 1/17-1826
age: 52
marriage: 12-3-1794; or Mar or May 22, 1796 (married in Mercer County)
children: see below
note: will of Levi Hale Sr. dated 1-17-1826. This is a copy of the will, the original was hanging on a wall in the clerk's office at Spencer County Circuit Court, and apparently was stolen. witness - recorded 5-1-1826 in Spencer County. William McJones was a witness to Levi signing the will (on the day of his death), and swore that it was Levi's signature.
- Levi Hale Sr (native of Old Dominion, Virginia(need proof), moved to Spencer County in 1819) is found in a Spencer County Federal Census of 1820, with his 10 youngest children.

Catharine Tucker
born: 1773 (1776?)
died: 1849
age: 76
marriage: 12-3-1794 ( or Mar or May 22, 1796 (married in Mercer County)
note: see the information found in a Bible belonging to Levi Hale Jr. He says that his mother's last name was Tucker. According to the marriage records found, the marriage is recorded twice, at different dates, and the name recorded both times is "Hale, Levi and Catherine Tucker(by)Rice" See history Notes below.

Children of
Levi Hale Sr. and Catherine Tucker

James Hale (James - Winkler tree)
born: 7-30-1794, in Kentucky
died: 3-4-1856
age: 62
marriage: 1-15-1814 married Mary Ann "Polly" Winkler (b. 1797) Ohio Co. Ky
-Elizabeth (b. 11-28-1814)
-Margaret (b. 1-24-1817, d. 4-6-1856) married Joseph Carter - 11-26-1835
-Salina (b. 1-24-1823, d. 10-25-1860) married Robert Baldwin - 3-16-1843
-Mary Ann (b. 2-28-1825, d. 9-25-1825
-Jane (b. 9-30-1828)
-Albert (b. 4-12-1831, d. 2-13-1879) (Albert - Curtis tree)
married Nancy Ann Curtis (b.12-13-1831, d. 5-5-1907
-Catharine (b. 1820) married Henry Jones m.1-17-1841

Ephraim Hale
born: 1-17-1796 in Richland County, Ind
died: 1878
marriage: 2-15-1821, Rebeccah Rogers (b. 1800)
-Mary Hale b. 1822
-William Hale b. 1824, married Martha A Redmond (m. 31 Aug 1866)
-Telitha Hale b. 1832
-John W Hale b.1853 - married Bell Strickland child: Jesse S. b.17 Sep 1888
-Robert Baldwin Hale b May 1854 married Mollie E. Rusher (b. 7-1864) m. 24 Dec. 1891 children: Cora Hale b. Feb 1886; Cullie Hale b. Mar 1893, m. Neldia Williams m. 06 Sep 1910; Walter O. Hale b. May 1898, m. Mary; Dora Hale b. ?
-Rev Ephraim M. Hale Jr. married Sarah B. Brown (b. 13 Sep 1860, d. 14 Mar 1883 or 8) m. 1-1-1877 children: Eugene b. 1877 d. 21 Nov 1900 m. Minnie E. Norton; son b. 06 May 1900, male b. 1880; female b. 1883.
note: Sgt Ephraim and Anna Crosley Hale (daughter Lucy 1866)

Polly Hale
born: Aug 23, 1800 in Richland County, Ind
marriage: Henry Wilkerson (m. 5-25-1823, 5-28-1823?)

Jane Catherine Hale
born: June 9, 1802 in Richland County, Ind
marriage: David Brown

Elizabeth ("Betsy") Hale
born: 8-20-1804 in Richland County, Ind (or KY?)
died: 4-9-1877 (Greene, Ill)
age: 73
marriage: 9-23-1821 Claiborne Coker b.14 Mar 1802 in GA, d.12 Sep1880 m. in Spencer County, Ind
-Mary Jane Coker b. 14 Jul 1822 in Spencer Co., Indiana d. 29 Nov 1911
-Edward Fayette Coker b. 6 Feb 1825 Morgan County, Illinois; d. 13 Oct 1873
-Bernetta Coker b. 10 Apr. 1827 Morgan County, Illinois
-Dennis Coker b. 9 Apr 1829 Morgan County, Illinois
-Thomas Coker b. 21 Feb 1831 in Morgan County, Illinois
-Sylvester Coker b. 5 Jun 1834 Morgan County, Illinois; d. 9 Jun Whitehall, Ill
-Catherine Coker b. 30 Oct 1836 Morgan County, Illinois; d. 26 May 1857
-Richard Preston Coker b. 9 May 1839 in Pisgah, Morgan Co. Illinois. d. 28 Feb 1928
-James Wesley Coker b. 15 Mar 1842 Morgan County, Illinois
-Maria Emeline Coker b. 24 Aug 1845 Morgan County, Illinois; d. 10 Jun 1880

Email from J. Coker: I was visiting your website - Hale Family Tree this evening. I am a descendant of Claiborne Coker who married Elizabeth "Betsy" Hale's - through their son Sylvester. All of the children you have listed for Claiborne and Elizabeth, except for Mary Jane (who was born in Spencer Co., Indiana), were born in Morgan County, Illinois, not in Republic, Mo. as you have listed. Richard Preston was specifically born in Pisgah, Morgan Co. Illinois.

Both Claiborne and Elizabeth are buried in Scott-McGill Cemetery; Jacksonville, Morgan County, Illinois. Claiborne died September 12, 1880. In Census records, there was another Claiborne Coker who died on December 24, 1874 in Morgan County, Illinois. This Claiborne is the son of Dennis Coker, the 1st Claiborne's brother. Both brothers came to Illinois from Georgia, through Indiana. I was told that Claiborne and Elizabeth Coker walked from Indiana to Illinois. She rode the horse and carried their first child while he walked and carried a rifle. They arrived in Morgan County, Illinois in 1823. I thought I'd let you know. Sincerely. J. Coker

Ailsey (Alsi)Hale
born: 20 Jul 1806 b. Richland IN Alsi (Ailsey)
marriage: (6-18-1846) to William Winkler

Nancy Hale (Hale-Masters tree)
born:  27 Apr 1808 in Mercer Co., KY
died: 07 Sep 1876 in Boonville, Indiana. 
age: 68
marriage: (m.11-10-1825, 11-10-1826, 11-8-1826?) to James Masters (born 28 Mar 1804 in North Carolina, and died 14 Aug 1850 in Boonville, Indiana. )
 -ELIZABETH JANE MASTERS, b. 13 Oct 1827, Surry, North Carolina; d. 22 Mar 1911, Boonville, Indiana.  
 -POLLY ANN MASTERS, b. 04 Nov 1830, KY; d. 14 Dec 1916, Boonville, Indiana. 
-HENRY W. MASTERS, b. 08 Feb 1832, Illinois; d. 11 Aug 1904, Boonville, Indiana.  
-SALLY D. MASTERS, b. Abt. 1834, Missouri; d. Warrick Co., IN.   
-AMANDA P. MASTERS, b. Abt. 1836, Indiana; m. SAMUEL F. MCLAUGHLIN, 11 Mar 1858, Warrick Co., Boonville, IN   
-JOSEPH I. MASTERS, b. 10 Mar 1838; d. 21 Aug 1850, Boonville, Indiana.  
-JOHN H. MASTERS, b. 05 Aug 1840; d. 21 Aug 1850, Boonville, Indiana.  
-WILLIAM H. MASTERS, b. Abt. 1843, Indiana; d. 14 Jan 1882, Warrick Co., IN.    
-ISHAM F. MASTERS, b. Mar 1845, Indiana; d. 1928, Boonville, Indiana.   
-WILLIS LEE MASTERS, b. 10 Jan 1847, Indiana; d. 16 Nov 1891, Warrick Co., IN.

Emelie ( Emily, Amelia) Hale
born: 3-1-1810  Richland, Ind
died: After 1860
marriage: (5-26-1830 or 3-26-1830) Desix Lockhart b. Abt 1805, KY, m. 26 Mar 1830
-Alfred Lockhart b. 13 Jan 1831, Spencer County, IN
-Alice "Alsey" Lockhart b. Abt 1832, IN
-Hannah Lockhart b. Abt 1838
-Harvey Lockhart b. 1838, KY
-Richard Lockhart b. Abt 1843

Isham W. Hale Isham - E. Taylor tree
born: 7 Mar 1812, Richland, Spencer County or Warrick County, Indiana
died: 12 Aug 1874, Spencer County, IN
age: 62
marriage: Elizabeth Taylor b. 3 May 1814, Kentucky, USA, d. 1 Jul 1875, Selvin, Warrick County, Indiana, USA, m. 3 Nov 1831, Warrick County, Indiana, USA, par. George Taylor and Edna Spalding
-Levi Madison Hale b. 31 Dec 1833, Orange County, Indiana, USA, d. 19 Dec 1865, Illinois, USA, m. Nancy Emeline Tillman b. 9 Sep 1835
-Presley Hale b. 14 Oct 1835 (Warrick Co. IN);
-Joseph Hale b. Nov. 1836;
-James Hale b. 1839;
-Ailsie"Aley" Hale b. 1844;
-Henry W. Hale b. 30 Oct 1845, Indiana
-John McCoy Hale b. Abt 1848, Warrick County, Indiana
-Mary (Mollie) Jane Hale b. Abt 1852, Indiana
-William Brannick Hale b. March 1854 Huntingburg, Warrick, Indiana
-Rebecca M. Hale b. Abt 1855, Indiana

Davis Hale (Davis - F. Tilley tree )
born: 8-20-1814 in Richland County, Ind
died: 2-7-1870 in Spencer County, IN
age: 56
marriage: 1-9-1835 to Frances Tilly (1-15-1818)
-Ephraim Hale b. 9-20-1838 (Spencer County, Ind)
-Richard M. J. Hale b. 12-30-1840 (Spencer County, Ind)
-Isham Hale b. 9-29-1844 (Spencer County, Ind)
-Lucinda H. (Lucindah?) Hale b. 5-15-1847 (Spencer County, Ind)
-Catharine Hale b. 12-20-1849
-Sylvester Hale b. 1-16-1852
-James M. (Masters?) Hale b. 7-29-1855

Levi Hale Jr. (Levi Jr. - Elizizabeth Jones tree)
born: 10-11-1816 in Richland County, Ind
died: 8-20-1894
age: 77 see Warrick County 1894 newspaper
marriage: 2-9-1854 Elizabeth Jones (b. 6-12-1820 d. 4-12-1863
marriage: 12-20-1863 Martha Tooly (Tuley?)(b. 7-4-1818)
-Finley Hale b. 29 Dec 1857;
-Cynthia Hale, b. 1859;
-Dow Hale b. 1861,
-? Hale, unnamed child who died
note: See a biography written about Levi Jr


History Note 1: "Concerning the marriage date of Levi Hale Sr., and Catherine Tucker, there is a mixup of dates due to faulty copying of the Early Marriage Records, of Mercer County, Kentucky, which appeared in the Register of Ky. Historical Society, Vol 20, No. 58, pages 13 and 16, published January 1922.

The marriage is listed twice with different dates as follows:

*Dec 3, 1794, Hale, Levi, and Catharine Tucker - Rice.
*Mar. or May 22, 1796, Hale, Levi and Catharine Tucker - by Rice.
The "Rice" who officiated at the marriage of Catharine (Tucker) and Levi Hale Sr. is undoubtedly the pioneer Presbyterian preacher, Father David Rice, as he was called."

History Note 2: Also see the information found in a Bible belonging to Levi Hale Jr. found in the possession of his grand daughter Nora (Pearson) Trimble, living near Chrisney, Indiana in 1940. "This is a copy made from a Bible published in the year 1814, by Thomas J. Dillingham, of Booneville, Ind. The Bible was formerly owned by Levi Hale Jr. the son of Catherine (Tucker) and Levi Hale Sr. At the time Mr. Dillingham copied the records, it was in the possesion of Mrs. Nora (Pearson) Trimble, the grand-daughter of Levi Hale Jr. Mrs. Trimble lived near Chrisney, Indiana at the time. (Dated July 16, 1940) Mr. Dillingham said the the writing was dim from age, and that he may have made some errors in the transcription.

Children of Levi Hale Sr. and Catherine (Tucker) Hale, were:
James Hale, born July 30, 1794 d. March 4, 1856
Ephraim Hale, born January 17, 1796
Polly Hale, born August 23, 1800
Jane Hale, born June 9, 1802
Betsy Hale, born August 20, 1804
Alsi Hale, born July 20, 1806
Nancy Hale, born April 27, 1808
Emily Hale, born March 1, 1810
Isham Hale, born March 7, 1812
Davis Hale, born August 20, 1814 d. February 7, 1870
Levi Hale, (Jr.) born October 14, 1816 d. August 20, 1894"

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