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Cemeteries we visited in 2006 - 2007:

Beasley Cemetery - (not accessible?) When we found the road that would lead to Beasley Cemetary, it had a thick wire bolted from two posts to keep you from entering. Nearby was a sign with an address though, and we feel that maybe the Beasley Cemetery isn't there any more.

Gwaltney Cemetary - (Midway downtown) Gwaltney Memorial Cemetery Location: CR 450W between CR 700 N and CR 750 N in Midway, Indiana (Grass Township) We only found one "Hale" here, it's a pretty large cemetery. See pictures below.

Hackleman - (also called Mt. Pleasant) Hackleman Cemetery is also called Mount Pleasant Hackleman Cemetery sign View of Hackleman Cemetery in Spencer County, Indiana

Kerr Cemetery - (no graves? moved?) Kerr Cemetery Location: CR 500N between CR 275W and CR 450W. We could not find this cemetery. There is a wooded area there with a ravine. There is also new homes being built nearby.

McCoy Cemetery - (access via private home) Visit to Spencer Co. Cemeteries Nov. 25, 2006 McCoy Cemetery Location: CR 125 W between CR 600 N and 500 N (Grass Township) - entered from neighbor's property (with permission) We wouldn't have even found the cemetery without our binoculars.

Pleasant Valley - (located in Midway) Pleasant Valley Cemetery: CR 325W between CR 725N and CR 750N (Grass Township) Town of Midway, Indiana These are the headstones in the Pleasant Valley Cemetery in Midway, Indiana, that we feel play an important part in figuring out our family tree. The pictures were taken Nov. 26, 2006

Ritchie Cemetery - (not easy to find) When we went to find the Stateler cemetery, we had to ask a nearby neighbor where it was located. Little did we realize that it was down a small road in a plot of woods that was not taken care of.

Zoar Cemetery - Zoar Cemetery: CR 50 W between CR 600 N and 500 N (Grass Township) When we went to visit Zoar Cemetery, we felt that none of our relatives were there, and did not recognize any of the names.


We also went to Saint Joseph's Cemeter

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