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I've ran into some information about the McCoys in our Hale Family tree line, so I'll be putting the information that I have here.

James M McCoy and Lydia Kennedy - This is the information we have on the McCoy Family Tree, see 1860 Spencer County Census Lydia is spelled Lidia, see James M and Lydia's marriage certificate

James Masters Hale and Emily (Belle) McCoy - John Sr > John Jr > Levi Sr > Davis Hale > James Masters -Son of Davis Hale and Frances Tilley -Daughter of James Madison McCoy and Lydia Kennedy

McCoy documents and pictures:

These McCoy documents were submitted by Thomas McCoy Brauns, and Hartley Hale. Right now, these are not in any specific order.

1850 James McCoy Livingston Louisiana - dated Aug. 9, 1850. Free inhabitants Livingston, Louisianna

Descendents of James M. McCoy .pdf - compiled by Richard Taylor. If you can't download a .pdf Then view these pages: page 1... page 2... page 3... page 4... page 5... page 6... page 7... page 8... page 9... page 10

John William McCoy picture - Picture of John William McCoy

McCoy births 1880 - 1920 - this chart is confusing, haven't figured it out yet.

McCoy, Clifford death card - died 2-13-1947 mother, Mrs. Emily McCoy; half brothers: Charles W, James Earl Hale, stepbrothers: Claude Hale, Evansville, William Hale, Stillwater, Oklahoma

McCoy, George birth record - born 12-8-1882, Child of Mathew McCoy and Elizabeth Right McCoy. Born at home, Warrick County

McCoy, George death record - George Robert McCoy, born Dec 9, 1882; died Feb 3, 1979, Richmond Indiana

McCoy information - 1860 Spencer County census

McCoy, James Madison land record - land record 2 - dated June 21, 1839. 40 acres, Southwest quarter of Northeast quarter, Section 6...

McCoy, James mission gift - A report from Wesley Chapel, a 1853 Journal of gifts made to the Conference Missionary Society.

McCoy, James will - Will of James McCoy dated 1848, wife's name is Betsey. Will of Rubin McCoy. Another Rubin McCoy will. Also will of Thomson Mason Jones

McCoy, John tree - page 2 - John McCoy Family tree

McCoy, John will - Will and Testament of John McCoy; married to Jemmica McCoy, father of William and Elijah.

McCoy, Kennedy marriage - Marriage certificate of James Madison McCoy and Lydia Shrode Kennedy dated October 27, 1853

McCoy list - list 2... list 3 - lists of marriages

McCoy, Matthew death certificate - Matthew K. McCoy, died August 18th, 1920 Richmond, Indiana

McCoy - Sidwell marriage - Marriage certificate for a James McCoy and Frances M. Sidwell dated October 27, 1853

McCoy, William death - Rockport newspaper with an article of his sudden death.



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