Some Old Family Pictures
Most in Black and White

While doing our research on the Family Tree, we came across some old pictures and we would be happy to share them with you.

Hale Family Miscellanious Pictures

Davis Hale - Francis Tilly Hale

Emily Alice Hale

Imogene and Alice Hale

James Earl Hale and Emily Alice's homes in Evansville

Kaltenbacher Family Pictures

Kaltenbacher Family on porch

John Kaltenbacher 1... John Kaltenbacher 2

Lilly and Joe Kaltenbacher

Genevieve Hayden Kaltenbacher

Charles Kaltenbacher... Louis Kaltenbacher Sr. and Charles at store

Dominic Kaltenbacher

Dominicus Kaltenbacher

Elizabeth Kaltenbacker Somers with Stefan and Genevova

Louis Kaltenbacher Jr

Louis and Louise? Kaltenbacher

Louis Kaltenbacher and Pauline Erdtel Kaltenbacher

Pauline Erdtel

Sebastion Kaltenbacher

Kaltenbacher (unknown)

Lenna Jenne Lawson

Hayden Family Pictures

James Earl Hale, Emily Alice Winders with Genevieve Kaltenbacher, Charles Bernard Hayden

James Earl Hale and daughter Betty

Genevieve and Charles Hayden's home at 607 W. Illinois

Genevieve Hayden Kaltenbacher with grandaughter Carol

Kirkman Family Pictures

William Kirkman

Mary Jane Pannell

McCoy Family Pictures

John William McCoy


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