James Earl Hale and Emily Alice Winders
Evansville, Indiana

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See the page that this information came from: see page and see a picture of Emily and James with some of the children at their son's (Robert Lee) wedding.

See pictures from the Hale Family Reunion 2008

James Earl Hale
born: 7-27-1893
died: 9-25-1966 see card on file
age: 73
marriage: 9-14-1912 to Emily Alice Winders
children: see below
note: see the homes where James and Emily lived

Emily Alice Winders Hale Emily Alice Winders Winders family tree info
born: 6-8-1893
died: 11-14-1965
age: 72
marriage: 1912 to James Earl Hale
children: see below
note: see picture

Children of:
James Earl Hale and Emily Alice Winders

Hartley Hale
born: 05-19-1913
died: 05-16-1984 (Atlantic Beach, FL)
age: 70
marriage: to Mary Evelyn Keach
- Hartley Hale Jr.,
- Betty Ann Hale (m. unknown Hadlock),
- Gary Wayne Hale,
- Nancy Sue Hale (m. unknown Green),
- Ronald Eugene
- Melinda Hale (m. unknown Bakeman)
note: Submitted by Harley Hale Jr., "I ended up in Florida about 1954 as a boy with my godparents, the Millners. Dad's health (the pneumonia) hit him every winter. So, in 1955, Mom and Dad came down after her dad died in KY at her sisters, about August. It was the 1st of Jan with snow knee deep when I left Evansville."

Helen Prestella Hale
born: 07-14-1915
died: 05-01-1964 (Evansville, IN)
age: 48
marriage: John Franklin Stiles
children: Johnnie Prestella Stiles (m. to unknown Austin; c. Vicki and Gary)

Charles Edward Hale
born: 08-23-1917
died: 05-11-1993 (Evansville, IN)
age: 76
marriage: Nellie unknown
children: Tina Hale, Debbie Hale, Cindy Hale, Linda Hale, Charles Edward Hale Jr., James Earl Hale
marriage: 1979 to Rose unknown
note: This uncle we called Uncle Ed.

Louise Hale
born: 12-16-1919
died: 2004
marriage: James Cordell Smith
- Kenneth Wayne Smith
- Sharon Gail Smith
- Tonya Deanne Smith
- Phyllis June Smith
- Susan J. Smith
- Donald Gene Smith

William Roy Hale
born: 1-4-1923
died: 12-17-1968
age: about 45
marriage: Barbara Bodell
- Carolyn
- William Roy Jr.
- Ronald Eugene
- Richard
- Jacqueline Kay
note: submitted by Harley Hale Jr.- on william roy ( my uncle billy ) we got info down here in Fla. that he was jumped by three guys and drug into a vacant bld and beaten, because he had some DIRT on an official of evansville at that time, and was going to expose him. I loved uncle billy. see card on file
Side Note?: Bill and Pam Carnes - son Jacob Allen, 9-23-1983

James Elmer Hale

born: 12-4-1925
died: --
marriage: Bertha (in Germany?) - died recently 2008?
children: Gerlinde Carolyn Hale, Peter Norman Hale, Thomas Patrick Hale, Michael Stephen (Mick) Hale, Christopher Bernard Hale
note: Submitted by Carol Hale, "I believed Uncle Jim met Bertha while serving in WWII. When they all came to the states, I remember waving bye to them as they left on the train, as far as I know they are all still living in Texas."

Robert Lee Hale (Robert - Kathleen tree)
Robert with his 3 daughtersborn: 4-28-1928
died: 12-5-1990
age: 62
marriage: Kathleen Genevieve Hayden
note: Bob and Kathy had 4 children, Diana Sue, Carol Ann, Debra Kay, and Robert Lee Hale Jr. Bob and Kathy resided in Evansville. Bob retired from Whirlpool Corp. where he worked since he was 18 yrs old.

Bettye Joyce Hale
born: 2-23-1931
died: 3-17-2002 (buried in St Joseph cemetery, Evansville, In)
age: about 71
1marriage: 01-25-1955 to James Marvin (Marion?) Payne (d. 12-19-1976; p. Cronan Payne and Thericia Pickrell)
- Jeffery Keith(Jeffrey Wayne?) Payne (1m. Kathy Marie Landreth, 2m. Rosie),
- Juliana (Julie Ann?) Payne (m. unknown Tucker),
- James Anthony "Tony" Payne,
- Kathryn Jo Payne,
- Bruce Allen Payne Lathimer,
- Broederick Neil Payne Tillman

2marriage: 07-24-1964 to Charles Clem;
- children: Robert Kevin Clem Payne
3marriage: 08-16-1971 to Lewis Franklin Cook
children: Jennifer Lou Cook

note: When James and Betty divorced, the four older children, (Jeff, Julie, James, and Kathy) were placed in an orphanage in Vincennes, IN. Bruce and Brad were placed in two different foster homes and later adopted by the families that fostered them.

note: see newspaper article Submitted by Carol Hale, "I remember Aunt Betty rather well, and remember playing with Julie. Kathy Jo was just a little girl the last time I saw her, and so pretty with her curly brown hair."
note: Birth date from http:--browning.evpl.org-

Maybelle Imogene Hale
born: 5-10-1933
died: 3-3-1963
age: 30
child: Brenda Sue...daughter Mysti
marriage: Julius Hill
child: David George Hale
note: Submitted by Brenda: David George or George David Hale (brother) Maybelle Imogene Hale 1. Brenda Sue Hale April 4, 1951 (unknown father) adopted by William Howard and Louise Lineger (Dec 10, 1952) 2. Submitted by Mysti (granddaughter) - sons: Michael William Howard Stratford, 9/10/09 & William James Stratford, 11/04/10

John Vernon Hale
John Vernon Haleborn: February 1, 1936 He was born in Evansville, Ind.
died: Saturday, February 23, 2008, at his residence.
age: 72
1marriage: Shirley Jean Stiles
- child: Bonnie Jo
2marriage: Wanda Marie Milliom Farmer
- Cindy Ann
- Gregory Alan
note: John worked several years for Busler Enterprises. For the last nearly 10 years, he worked as an attendant at the Busler- owned parking lot across from Casino Aztar. He served in the Indiana National Guard.
John is survived by his brother, James "Jimmy" Hale of El Paso, Texas; many, many nieces and nephews; and his niece and caregiver, Kathy Jo Minton and her friend, Ken McCory. Services will be 5 p.m. Saturday, March 8, 2008, at Alexander North Chapel, officiated by his nephew, Rev. Tony Payne. Some of the above information is from the John V. Hale Obituary Published in Courier Press on February 26, 2008

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