Hale Family Tree
Spencer County, Indiana

Working on the Hale Family tree in Indiana, has proved to be quite a challenge. So how do you start? You start with what you know, namely the grandparents, and immediate family.

I realize that there are several websites online that will give you information on genealogy, but I found these websites confusing me more!

There also appears to be several forums where you can submit questions, but the questions are so old, having been posted years ago, and there are few follow-ups.

Maybe the information my family and I have researched, will help someone also. I have tried to make the pages easy to navigate, and any documents that we have come across are also here, such as birth certificates, death certificates, wills, deeds, marriage certificates, and dowers.

Starting with my grandparents and their children, on my father's side.

Descendants of: James Earl Hale and Emily Alice Winders

Quick Links

- Photographs of Spencer County documents
- Our comparison chart to the haleroots website
- 1850, 1860, 1879, 1880 Census, Spencer County, Indiana
- 1800's Boonville Kentucky News
- Our ancestors starting with John Hale Sr
- Descendants of John Hale Jr., son Isham from Freeman Grover
- Hale Family Information that was passed down to us... text version

Many thanks to the contributors of this project.

Hartley Hale Jr. (Buddy) of Calahan, Florida
Debra Kay Hale of Santa Claus, Indiana HaleFamilyTree
Carol Ann Hale of Tripp SD, formerly Shelton Ct
Tina McCoy of Richland, IN
John Michael Kaltenbacher of Holland, Indiana
Kim D. Strohmeier of Owenton, KY See his http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=kstrohme&id=I1410Kaltenbacher Tree on Rootsweb
Information on the McCoy family tree submitted by Thomas McCoy Brauns, Richland, IN

What's New?

If you would like to add information to these pages email Carol at ckononov@aol.com

New Kim D. Strohmeier of Owenton, KY has contacted us with great information on the Kaltenbachers. He has sent photos and documents to add to this website. Thanks Kim!

New John Michael Kaltenbacher has contacted us, and has sent information he has on the Kaltenbacher family.

New Freeman Grover of Wisconsin is of the linage of Isham Hale and has submitted his chart, see it here Descendants of John Hale Jr.

New See a list of all the Hale related documents on this website. Hale Family Tree Documents census, births and marriages submitted by Diana Sue Hale M. .

New 5-22-11 Revised information about Stateler Cemetery, added Ritchie Cemetery, and Lydia Shrodes Kannady McCoy. Added documents for the McCoy Family tree.


Rev. E.M. Hale

My mother is a Hale and her father was Luther Hale, born in Spencer county in 1883 and was the son of Rev. E.M. Hale and Sarah Belle Brown.

I've been very frustrated because there aren't very many Spencer county records online. So, this information was wonderful and although I had already traced my family back to John Hale, I now know where Sarah was buried.

I am traveling to southern Indiana next week to visit 6 cemeteries to record the headstones. If you would like any additional information I might have please let me know. Susan Clemons

Hi guys,

On December 26, 2006, I went to the Spencer County Public Library to do research in their genealogy department. They have file cabinets loaded with family files researched and contributed by families. It was very tedious work. Many of the documents were copies, but handwritten. Very hard to read. I took pictures of all I found relevant. I have attached 4 documents so far, that I found interesting. These four documents were all attached together, so that is why I am including all of them.

Documents 1347 and 1348 are a letter written by Judith Burkhardt of Berne, Indiana. She was inquiring for help in locating Aaron F. Hale.

Document 1349 is by Arlene Hale Brachman of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has corrected errors that were contributed to the Daughters of American Revolution's records.

At the bottom of Document 1350 is an entry for Thomas Hale, but is in error and is referring to the previous document 1349. I think document 1349 is very interesting. I am working on a new pedigree chart and will send if it looks right.

I also have documents from the McCoys, Shrodes, and Kennedys. I will let you know what I find out on them. Nothing stuck out as far as Emily (Emma) McCoy, Lydia Kennedy (Shrodes), but I think there are connections within all the family names, including Stateler. I also went to the Whitehouse Cemetery in Spencer Co. and the family name of Springstun is buried there.

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See pictures of the Hale Family Reunion 2008


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