Scenic Pictures of
Northern Kentucky

Here's some pictures that we took while we were traveling through Kentucky, including a short trip to Kentucky Lake. Daviess County Scenic photos of Daviess County

Owensboro, Ky

Most of the pictures of Owensboro was taken as we drove through, also included is the cool bridge that crosses from Indiana to Owensboro.

Downtown Owensboro


Henderson, KY

My older sister, Diana, lives in Henderson, Ky. When we went to visit her, I took a few pictures, and we went to eat at Wolf's Tavern in downtown Henderson. Below is a picture of the 4 of us, Kathleen, Diana, Carol, and Debra, taken in 2006. Also included here are pictures of the twin bridges that go over the Ohio River between Evansville and Henderson.

Kathy, Diana, Carol, Debra Hale


Kentucky Lake

Kentucky Lake and Dam was a favorite spot to visit during the hot summers. Vlad and I traveled to a campground in the Land Between the Lakes to visit some friends, Rich and Elle. Here's some pictures I took. It was during November and hardly anyone else was there.

Camping at the Land Between the Lakes




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