James Madison McCoy
and Lydia (Shrode) Kennedy (Kannady)

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This is the information we have on the James Madison McCoy Family Tree

see 1860 Spencer County Census Lydia is spelled Lidia
see James M and Lydia's marriage certificate

James Madison McCoy
born: Mar. 26, 1814 or 1815, born in Kentucky
died: No good info on death, 1864 or 1880
marriage: 10-27-1853 to Lydia Shrode Kennedy
note: son of Rev. John McCoy and Jermimay Hurst? Or.... Thomas McCoy, Jr. who is William McCoy, Sr.'s brother? Thomas Jr. stayed around Henderson County, KY. James Madison McCoy came from KY to Grandview, IN.
Note: Also, it was passed down to us that James disappeared. He picked up his shotgun and got on his mule and went into the woods and was never heard of again.

Lydia Shrode Kennedy (Kannady)
born: 6-1-1833
died: 5-12-1869 (5-17-1869)
age: 36 see headstone; see closer view
marriage: 10-27-1853 (Lydia was 20 yr old)
note: buried in Ritchie Cemetery near Stateler cemetery in Spencer County, see map We found Lydia's gravestone leaning against a tree in a small plot of land surrounded by cornfields and huge trees. Her headstone was the only one there. It took us several hours to be able to read what it says. We would not have found it if it wasn't for a neighbor. Note: This plot of woods is one mile away from Stateler Cemetery.

Children of
James M McCoy and Lydia Kennedy

Mathew McCoy
born: 1854
died: 1920
age: 66
marriage: Elizabeth Right
note: Is this Matthew K. McCoy?
child: McCoy, George birth record - born 12-8-1882, Child of Mathew McCoy and Elizabeth Right McCoy. Born at home, Warrick County
McCoy, George death record - George Robert McCoy, born Dec 9, 1882; died Feb 3, 1979, Richmond Indiana

Samuel McCoy

Emily Elizabeth "Belle" McCoy (James Masters Hale - Emile McCoy tree)
born: 2-2-1860 - born in Indiana
died: 7-28-1952 in Evansville, Ind see death certificate
age: 92
marriage: 11-1-1886 to James Masters Hale (Indiana) Emily was 26 yr old)
note: Buried at Memorial Park in Evansville. Note on the back of the death certificate, it is typed that her father is James McCoy and mother is Lydia Shrode Also, the middle initial is "I" and her nickname was "Belle."

Mary Abigail McCoy
born: Sept. 3, 1863
marriage: June 29, 1881 in Warrick County, Indiana to John M. Marcie. John Marcie b. 1859 d. Feb. 10, 1883 not sure if this John is the right one or not, that died on this date.

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Information submitted by Tina McCoy:

James and Lydia had Mathew, Samuel, Emma, Mary Abigail

Emma Belle married November 11, 1886 in Spencer county, Indiana to James M. Hale. She had two female one born on Dec. 16, 1885 and one born on April 18, 1889.

James Hale died in 1893 he is buried in Pleasant Valley Cemetery, James M Hale and his first wife, Jennie Springston, are both listed twice in Cemetery Bk. 1, pgs 81 and 91. His date is listed as 1893 on pg. 81; and 1896 on pg 91.

Mary Abigail McCoy born Sept. 3, 1863 she married June 29, 1881 in Warrick County, Indiana to John M. Marcie. John Marcie b. 1859 d. Feb. 10, 1883 not sure if this John is the right one or not that died on this date.

James McCoy and Catherine Wesley. See this document of Indiana births 1880-1920
- Charles A. born about 1876, he was suppose to have married Feb. 5, 1896 in Spencer County, Indiana to Alice Stuteville
- Nora b. 1877
- Gertrude born 1879, married August 15, 1897 in Spencer County, Indiana to Marshall T. Craig These two males I think enter some different info on them, one born June 10, 1883, and one born March 15, 1885

She also has listed James married Unknown---mccoy, and she doesn't have dates lists two more children Joseph McCoy bef. 1835-1840 and female bef. 1835-1840

History Note: A newspaper article on the accidental death of William McCoy from the Rockport News May 13, 1892

Information submitted by Thomas McCoy Brauns, Richland, IN

Thank you for this wonderful website. I knew we were related to the Hale's but had not talked to anyone about it. I know Elbert Hale & Travis Hale.
My line is:
William McCoy, Sr. - 1765-1842
Uriah McCoy, Sr. - 1808-1893
William H. McCoy - 1837-1892
James McClellan McCoy - 1864-1939
James Bert McCoy - 1894-1952
Margaret Joanne McCoy - 1932-1996
Thomas McCoy Brauns - 1956-
--- Melissa McCoy Brauns - 1977-
--- Melanie McCoy Brauns-Duddy - 1979-
--- Michael McCoy Brauns - 1994-

William McCoy, Sr. is buried in a field 3 miles North of my house in an unmarked grave, "Moffit Farm". We have a computer program with info on the McCoy's and several big books of McCoy history, also some pages copied from the Old McCoy Bibles.
The restaurant you stopped at in Chrisney is owned by a McCoy, Clay Beckner, he comes under Uriah McCoy, Sr. with me.

There was Charles McCoy that died March 27, 2008 that is in your line. He lived in Evansville.

I think his line is:
James Madison McCoy - born 1814
Mathy McCoy - born 1851
Marcey McCoy - born 1893
Charles McCoy - born 1932

The first generation of McCoy's to Spencer County was William McCoy, Sr. in 1812. James Madison McCoy was born in Kentucky.

I have not found any proof, but I think you came down under Thomas McCoy, Jr. who is William McCoy, Sr.'s brother. Thomas Jr. stayed around Henderson County, KY. All the McCoy's in that area are probably a little closer related to you.

James Madison McCoy came from KY to Grandview, IN.

William McCoy, Sr. has approximately 5000 grandchildren now, and Thomas Jr. probably has about the same. I could be wrong on this. I can't find the William McCoy, Sr. connection with James Madison McCoy.

William Sr. and Thomas Jr.'s father was Captain Thomas McCoy, Sr. He got caught switching sides by the British and was hung in Augusta, GA along with his 16 yr old son.

Thomas McCoy, Sr. came over from Ireland. His father was John McCoy. William Sr. & Thomas Jr. were born in NJ. Thomas McCoy, Jr. is buried in KY.

Somewhere we are probably related to the Hatfield-McCoy bunch. I hope I haven't confused your family tree.

I do have dates on Thomas McCoy, Sr. & Jr. and other information. My wifes family mixes in with William Sr. and Thomas Jr.

Thomas (Tom) McCoy Brauns
Richland, IN 47634

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