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Spencer County, Chrisney Indiana

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Hackleman Cemetery is also called Mt. Pleasant. It is located in Spencer County at the intersection of 200 and 400. As we turned down this street, we were greeted by some curious cows. This cemetery is not to be confused with Pleasant Valley Cemetery.

Street to turn for Hackleman

Closer view of Hackleman Cemetery sign
View of Hackleman Cemetery in Spencer County, Indiana
Mount Pleasant sign in front of the cemetery

View looking north

The saddest thing about looking at the headstones, were the ones that we could see it was an infant or child that died. The headstones below are not all of the headstones there. These are just some that may be related to our Hale family.

McCoy Headstones

There are a lot of McCoy headstones at Hackleman, and in the front of the cemetery, a family was kind enough to add the family tree of William H McCoy. see the stone it's attached to.

Allie McCoy see pic
A. Marie & Wm. Cullen McCoy
see pic
, wife of Walter McCoy see pic
Claude A McCoy
1890 - 1965 see pic
Cora G McCoy
1888 - 1959 see pic
Granville (Sheriff) McCoy
(Seaman 1/C US Navy DD 780-USS Storms World War II 1945-1946) Children see pic
Harold Bert McCoy
see pic ... Jean Eloise
H. E. McCoy 7-18-1848, 2-18-1902 see pic
Edward and Della McCoy see pic
Ella McCoy 1871 - 1885 see pic... see another
Esther L. and Granville H McCoy see pic
Florence McCoy see pic
Gladys M. McCoy see pic
George H McCoy & Willa Mae Parker .. daughter
Iva D. McCoy, 1888 - 1969; Will 1887 - 1962 see pic
James Bert & Emma Mae see pic... see another... son
James, Lucy McCoy see pic - James McClellan Feb 19, 1864 - May 22, 1939; Lucy Jane April 18, 1875 - March 6, 1930 see pic
John, Maud McCoy see pic
Leola McCoy 1899 - 1900 see pic
Mary McCoy 1889 see pic
Matilda McCoy, wife of William March 4th, 1835 to Nov 10, 1892 see pic
Matthew McCoy 1885 see pic
Melvina & Wilford McCoy see pic
Melvin L. McCoy see pic
Minnie McCoy 1899-1949 see pic
Nellie McCoy 1886 - 1973 see pic
Nola McCoy, daughter of SE & MJ McCoy b. May 15, 1896 d. Mar. 3, 1897 see pic
Robert D. O. McCoy 7-21-1845, 9-5-1926; see pic
Roy C McCoy 1886-1945 see pic
Roy T and Ethel McCoy see pic
S. E. McCoy, small stone, no date see pic
Uriah A. McCoy 1853-1921; Mary A. His wife 1855-1930 see pic
Uriah R. McCoy 1869-1937; Etta 1860-1936 see pic
Vivian McCoy see pic
William McCoy 1837-1892 see pic

Also see the McCoy Cemetery

Stateler Headstones

Delbert Stateler see pic
James C. Stateler
, June 18, 1861 - Mattie P. His wife July 23, 1868 Apr 11, 1888 Gone but not forgotten see pic
Lessie Stateler, son of J. C. & M.P. Stateler Mar 18, 1888 to July 16, 1888 see pic
Joseph Stateler see pic

Shrode Headstones

A. F. Shrode see pic
Augustos Shrode
see pic
*Pauline Shrode Sudduth
1851 - 1916 see pic
Joseph L Shrode see pic
Joshua Shrode 1811 - 1894 see pic
Susan Shrode see pic

Kannady Headstones

George Kannady see pic


Emailed Comment: Surfing the web i came across Hackleman cemetery in Spencer Co. Ind. The stone is shown Pauline Schrode Sudduth. This woman raised my father until he was 20 yrs. old. My father William Howard Meyers was born and lived in Spencer Co. His mother was Rose Schrode who left him.Seeing all your research i thought you might have some old pictures of the Schrode family.
With best wishes Horace Meyers in Victoria Va.

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