Pleasant Valley Cemetery
Spencer County, Midway Indiana

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Pleasant Valley Cemetery: CR 325W between CR 725N and CR 750N (Grass Township) Town of Midway, Indiana

Pleasant Valley Cemetery

These are the headstones in the Pleasant Valley Cemetery in Midway, Indiana, that we feel play an important part in figuring out our family tree. The pictures were taken Nov. 26, 2006

Pleasant Valley Cemetery view... Pleasant Valley
This large tree did not survive the years... large tree stump
The condition of many of the old headstones... headstones
Many headstones were just stacked around, yet, seemed to be near where they were suppose to be... stacked on tree stump


Joceph? M. Hale, CO.F 53 IND. INF. Born Sept 20, 1838; Died Feb 28, 1888... Joceph M. Hale
Sarah B. Hale, wife of Rev E.M.Hale, Born Sept 13, 1860; Died Mar 14, 1888... Sarah B. Hale
James M. Hale, Died 1893; Jennie his wife, Died 1886... James and Jennie ... another view... top view... top and front view
Davis Hale, Born Aug 20, 1814; Died Feb 7, 1870... Davis Hale
Elizabeth, wife of Levi Hale Jr, Born 1820, Died 1863... see pic ... front broke on bottom... rest of stone is to the left... location
Levi Hale, Born Oct 11, 1816; Died Aug 20, 1894... Levi Hale... bottom
Martha wife of Levi Hale Born July 4, 1819; (apparently not buried with Levi)... Martha on backside of Levi's headstone
Finley Hale, Born Dec 29, 1857; Died Jan 5, 1898... Finley Hale (Levi Jr. in distance)... another photo... nothing else was on the sides of Finley's gravestone.


Clark McCoy, Born Aug 15, 1830; Died May 28, 1899... Clark McCoy
Alsey McCoy, Born May 4, 1834; Died Feb 26, 1875... Alsey McCoy
Infant McCoy, son of C and A McCoy, Born Nov 2, 1873? (Died Nov 4, 1873?) Age 2 days... Infant McCoy
Catherine McCoy? was leaning next to Elizabeth Hale... see this headstone... a side view. unsure of dates. Born 1807 or 1867; Died 1868


Olevia Shrode, wife of Josiah Shrode, Died May 29, 1877, Aged 33 yrs 6 mos, 15 dys... Olevia Shrode
Samuel and Bell Devine... Samuel and Bell Devine
J. M. (hand etched top), WW (hand etched bottom)... JM-WW1?
gravestones placed by a tree... gravestones by a tree
John M. Coker... John M. Coker
J M M ... JMM

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