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Descendants of John Hale Sr.

Generation No. 1


Children of John Hale Sr. are:
2. i. JOHN2 HALE, b. Unknown, ?; 1798, ?.
3. ii. THOMAS HALE, b. 1742; d. 1812.
4. iii. JOSEPH HALE, b. Unknown; d. 1791.

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN2 HALE (JOHN HALE1 SR.) was born Unknown in ?, and died 1798 in ?. He married MARY WILLIS Unknown in Mercer County, KY.

Children of John Hale and Mary Willis are:
5. i. LEVI3 HALE, SR., bb.1774, Old Dominion, Virginia; d. 1825-1826, Spencer County, Indiana
ii. POLLY HALE, m. HENRY WILKERSON, May 25, 1823.
vi. NANCY HALE, m JAMES MASTERS, November 08, 1826.

3. THOMAS2 HALE (JOHN HALE1 SR.) was born 1742, and died 1812. He married JANE ARMSTRONG (note. This is our Thomas Hale of the Revolutionary War.)

Child of Thomas Hale and Jane Armstrong is:
6. i. JOHN3 HALE, b. July 29, 1765.

4. JOSEPH2 HALE (JOHN HALE1 SR.) was born Unknown, and died 1791. He married NANCY WILLIS.

Child of Joseph Hale and Nancy Willis is:
i. THOMAS3 HALE, b. 1775; d 1829.

Generation No. 3

5. LEVI3 HALE, SR. (JOHN2, JOHN HALE1 SR.) was born 1774 in Old Dominion, Virginia, and died 1825-1826 in Spencer County, Indiana. He married CATHERINE TUCKER.
Notes: Concerning the marriage date of Levi Hale Sr., and Catherine Tucker, there is a mixup of dates due to faulty copying of the Early Marriage Records, of Mercer County, Kentucky, which appeared in the Register of Ky. Historical Society, Vol 20, No. 58, pages 13 and 16, published January 1922.

The marriage is listed twice with different dates as follows:

*Dec 3, 1794, Hale, Levi, and Catharine Tucker - Rice.
*Mar. or May 22, 1796, Hale, Levi and Catharine Tucker - by Rice.

The "Rice" who officiated at the marriage of Catharine (Tucker) and Levi Hale Sr. is undoubtedly the pioneer Presbyterian preacher, Father David Rice, as he was called.

Note: The following is the Will of Levi Hale Sr. "In the name of God, Amen. I, Levi Hale of the County of Specer and State of Indiana, being weak in body, but of sound mind and memory do make and ordain this my last will and testament.
Item 1st. I give my soul to God who made it and body to be decently buried and all the funeral expenses to be paid out of my worldly goods.
Item 2nd. It is my will that all my property both real and personal remain in the hands of my wife Catherine, and to be applied by her to the raising and educating of my children, further it is my will that as my three daughters Ailsey, Nancy, and Emelia, marries or comes of age, that my wife shall give to each of them as much property out of my estate as make them equal to what I have given to my older children. It is further my will that at the decrease of my said wife that the balance of the property if any be equally divided between my three youngest sons, Isham, Davis, Levi, or as many of them as may be then living. It is also my will that as my three youngest sons, Isham, Davis, and Levi comes of age that they receive as much of my estate as will make them equal to my older children and the residue at the death of their mother. Lastly I do by these presents make and appoint my wife Catharine executrix to this my last will and testament. Given under my hand and seal this 17th day of January in the year of our Lord 1826.
Levi Hale. (Seal)
Wm. G. Thomas . J. Hewel
State of Indiana, Spencer County.

Be it remembered that William McJones, a subscribing witness to the within instrument personally appeared before me, James Wakefield, Clerk of the Circuit Court in and for said County, on the 15th day of April in the year 1826 at the courthouse in Rockport in said County, and being duly sworn, deposeth and saith Levi Hale whose name is subscribed to the within writing did in his presents acknowledge his signature. Recorded May the 1st. 1826. James Wakefield Clerk.

"State of Indiana, County of Spencer. I Vester Porter, Clerk of the Spencer Circuit Court, for and within said County and State, do hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a full, true and complete copy of the will of Levi Hale which is on display, with the will of Thomas Sparrow, witnessed by David Casebier, and Nancy Lincoln in a frame on the south wall of the office of the Clerk of the Spencer Circuit Court at Rockport, Indiana. In testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand and affix the official seal of said Spencer Circuit Court, at my office in the city of Rockport, Indiana, this 2nd day of June, 1952. Signature Vester Porter, Clerk of the Spencer Court, by Lelia Winchell, Deputy. Note: In copying Levi Hale Sr. will, they copied Issac for Isham, Isham is correct.

NOTE: By Kathy Payne Minton, in the summer of 1995, I traveled to Spencer County to see the will of my great-great-great-great grandfather, Levi Hale Sr. and the will was no longer displayed. I talked to one courthouse employee who did recall the will being on display for many years, however, did not know what became of it. The frame was found sometime ago in the basement of the courthouse, but the will was gone.

Children of Levi Hale and Catherine Tucker are:

8. i. JAMES HALE, b. July 30, 1794; d. March 04, 1856
ii. EPHRAIM HALE, b. January 17, 1796; m. REBECCA ROGERS, February 15, 1821.
iii. POLLY HALE, b. August 23, 1800.
iv. JANE HALE, b. June 09, 1802.
v. BETSY HALE, b. August 20, 1804
vi. ALSI HALE, b. July 20, 1806
vii. NANCY HALE, b. April 27, 1808
viii. EMILY HALE, b. March 01, 1810
ix. ISHAM HALE, b. March 07, 1812
9. x. DAVIS HALE, b. August 20, 1814; d. February 07, 1870, Spencer County, Indiana
10. xi. LEVI HALE JR, b. October 11, 1816; d. August 20, 1894

6. JOHN3 HALE (THOMAS2, JOHN HALE1 SR) was born July 29, 1765.

Children of John Hale are:
. i. ARMSTRONG4 HALE, b. Unknown.
ii. JANE HALE, b. Unknown.
iii. JOSEPH HALE, b. Unknown.
iv. MARY HALE, b. Unknown.
v. SARAH HALE, b. Unknown.
vi. JEHU HALE, b. Unknown.
vii. THOMAS HALE, b. Unknown.
viii. BETSY HALE, b. Unknown

7. THOMAS3 HALE (JOSEPH2, JOHN HALE1 SR.) was born 1775, and died 1829. He married ELIZABETH DEVINE in 1796.

Child of Thomas Hale and Elizabeth Devine is:
i. LEVI4 HALE, b. 1821.

Generation No. 4

8. JAMES4 HALE (LEVI3, JOHN2, JOHN HALE1 SR.) was born July 30, 1794, and died March 04, 1856. He married MARY ANN "POLLY" WINKLER January 15, 1814 in Ohio County, Kentucky.

Notes: James Hale, son of Levi Hale Sr., and Catherine (Tucker) Hale, born July 30, 1794, died March 4, 1856; is buried in Pleasant Valley cemetary, near Richland, Indiana. His daughter Selina (Hale) Baldwin, and his brother, Davis Hale are also buried there. Davis Hale, b Aug 20, 1814, died Feb 7, 1870.

Children of James Hale and Mary Winkler are:
i. ELIZABETH5 HALE, b. November 28, 1814.
ii. MARGARET HALE, b. January 24, 1817; d. April 06, 1856; m. JOSEPH CARTER November 26, 1835.
iii. SELINA HALE, b. January 24, 1823; d. October 25, 1860; m. ROBERT BAULWIN, March 16, 1843.
iv. MARY ANN HALE, b. February 28, 1825; d. September 25, 1825.
v. JANE HALE, b September 30, 1828.
11. vi. ALBERT HALE, b April 12, 1831; d. February 13, 1879.

9. DAVIS4 HALE (LEVI3, JOHN2, JOHN HALE1 SR>) was born August 20, 1814, and died February 07, 1870 in Spencer County, Indiana. He married FRANCES *FANNIE* TILLEY January 09, 1835.

Children of Davis Hale and Frances Tilley are:
i. EPHRAIM5 HALE, b September 20, 1838; d. February 28, 1888; m. ANNA CROSLEY(?), April 10, 1864.
ii. RICHARD M. J. HALE, b. December 30, 1840.
iii. ISHAM HALE, b September 29, 1844.
iv. LUCINDA H. HALE, b. May 15, 1847; m. D. LAND SAMPSON, August 18, 1867.
v. CATHERINE HALE, b. December 20, 1849; m. WILLIAM FERGASON, April 05, 1868.
vi. SYLVESTOR HALE, b. January 16, 1852.
12. vii. JAMES MASTERS HALE, b. July 29, 1855, Spencer County, Indiana; d. 1893, Spencer County, Indiana.

10. LEVI4 HALE, JR. (LEVI3, JOHN2, JOHN HALE1 SR>) was born October 11, 1816, and died August 20, 1894. He married (1) MARTHA TULEY. He married (2) ELIZABETH JONES February 09, 1854.

Note: The following is a sketch (missing) of Levi Hale Jr., the youngest son of Levi Hale Sr. and Catharine (Tucker) Hale. The sketch was copied from a book, "History of Perry-Spencer-Warrick counties, pub. 1885 by Goodspeed Bros. Chicago.

"Levi Hale, one of the leading farmers of this township, born on Octiber 11, 1816, Daviess County, Kentucky, the natives of the Old Dominion, from whence they moved to Ky. !n 1819 they moved to Spencer County, Indiana. At that time it was sparsely settled by the whites. they settled on a farm owned by our subject in Grass Township where the father died about 1825 followed by the mother in 1849. Levi Jr. spent 66 years of his life here. Known far and wide as an honest, upright and industrious citizen.

February 9, 1854, he married Elizabeth Jones, they had four children, three living, Finley, Cynthia, and Dow. April 12--1863, the mother died, and on Dec 20th the same year, the father married Martha Tuley. Mr. Hale is a prosperous farmer owning farm of 154 acres. He is a Democrat and one of the few remaining pioneers.

Note 2: This is a copy made from a Bible published in the year 1814, by Thomas J. Dillingham, of Booneville, Ind. The Bible was formerly owned by Levi Hale Jr. the son of Catherine (Tucker) and Levi Hale Sr. At the time Mr. Dillingham copied the records, it was in the possesion of Mrs. Nora (Pearson) Trimble, the grand-daughter of Levi Hale Jr. Mrs. Trimble lived near Chrisney, Indiana at the time. (Dated July 16, 1940) Mr. Dillingham said the the writing was dim from age, and that he may have made some errors in the transcription.

Children of Levi Hale Sr. and Catherine (Tucker) Hale, were:

James Hale, born July 30, 1794 d. March 4, 1856
Ephraim Hale, born January 17, 1796
Polly Hale, born August 23, 1800
Jane Hale, born June 9, 1802
Betsy Hale, born August 20, 1804
Alsi Hale, born July 20, 1806
Nancy Hale, born April 27, 1808
Emily Hale, born March 1, 1810
Isham Hale, born March 7, 1812
Davis Hale, born August 20, 1814 d. February 7, 1870
Levi Hale, (Jr.) born October 14, 1816 d. August 20, 1894

Note: by Carol Ann and Debra Kay Hale. In 2006, at the Pleasant Valley Cemetery in Spencer County Indiana, we found Levi Jr.'s headstone with Martha's name inscribed on the back. Elizabeth Jones headstone was there, as well as Davis Hale.
"Hale" head stones we found that day:
- Joceph? M. Hale, CO.F 53 IND. INF. Born Sept 20, 1838; Died Feb 28, 1888
- Sarah B. Hale, wife of Rev E.M.Hale, Born Sept 13, 1860; Died Mar 14, 1888
- James M. Hale, Died 1893; Jennie his wife, Died 1886
- Davis Hale, Born Aug 20, 1814; Died Feb 7, 1870
- Elizabeth, wife of Levi Hale Jr, Born 1820, Died 1863
- Levi Hale, Born Oct 11, 1816; Died Aug 20, 1894
- Martha wife of Levi Hale Born July 4, 1819; (apparently not buried with Levi)... Martha on backside of Levi's headstone
- Finley Hale, Born Dec 29, 1857; Died Jan 5, 1898... Finley Hale, nothing else was on the sides of Finley's gravestone. Maybe he did not marry?

Children of Levi Hale Jr. and Elizabeth Jones

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