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Isham Hale is the 9th born child of Levi Hale Sr. and Catherine Tucker. Source of this Hale-Taylor tree is from Mrs James E. Miller of Boonville, IN See this document

Isham Hale
born: 7 Mar 1812, Richland, Spencer County or Warrick County, Indiana, USA
died: 12 Aug 1874, Spencer County, IN
age: 62
marriage: Nov 3, 1831
children: see below
note: Also see the 1870 Pigeon Township census supplied by Angela Mink. Isham is age 58 and Elizabeth is age 56. Their occupation is listed as "farmer" and "keeping house." Two children are listed... Mary age 18, and William B age 16.

Elizabeth Taylor
born: 3 May 1814, Kentucky, USA
died: 1 Jul 1875, Selvin, Warrick County, Indiana, USA
marriage: 3 Nov 1831, Warrick County, Indiana, USA
children: see below
note: parents of Elizabeth Taylor are George Taylor and Edna Spalding

Children of
Isham Hale and Elizabeth Taylor

Levi Madison Hale
born: 31 Dec 1833, Orange County, Indiana, USA
died: 19 Dec 1865, Illinois, USA
age: 31
marriage: 2 Jan 1853, Warrick or Orange County, Indiana, USA
to Nancy Emeline Tillman b. 9 Sep 1835, Crawford County, Indiana, USA, d. 23 Mar 1914, Hiawatha, Brown County, Kansas, USA, bur. Hiawatha Cemetery, Hiawatha, Brown County, Kansas, USA, m.
-Mary Elizabeth Hale b. 7 Nov 1853, Evansville (near), Warrick County, Indiana, USA, d. 17 Mar 1928, Stockton (10 miles West of), Belmont Township, Rooks County, Kansas, USA
-Morris Austin Hale b. 19 Dec 1854, Indiana, USA
-Edna Melinda (or Malinda) Hale b. 6 Oct 1856, Indiana, USA, d. 17 Oct 1942-1945, Kimball, Kimball County, Nebraska, USA
-Isham Hale b. 4 Jan 1858, Indiana, USA, d. 3 Feb 1858, Indiana, USA
-Jesse M. Hale b. 19 Dec 1859, Selvin, Warrick County, Indiana, USA, d. 24 Nov 1945
-Catharine Hale b. 10 Sep 1860, Indiana, USA, d. 10 Sep 1860, Indiana, USA
-Norman Bailey Hale b. 8 Aug 1861, Taylorsville, Bartholomew County, Indiana, USA, d. 16 Oct 1930
-Levi Madison Hale b. 2 May 1864, Indiana, USA, d. 20 Jul 1883, Hiawatha (near), Brown County, Kansas, USA
-Henrietta LaVesta Hale b. 16 Dec 1865, Mason City (near), Mason County, Illinois, USA, d. 14 Feb 1958, Stockton, Belmont Township, Rooks County, Kansas, USA, bur. the Mt. Vernon Cemetery, Belmont Township, Rooks County., Kansas, USA

note: Levi Madison Hale was the son of Isham and Elizabeth Hale of Selvin, IN. He was wounded in the Civil War and, following the war, moved with his family to Illinois, where he died of pneumonia, leaving his wife and 2-day-old baby and 6 other children, the oldest being 12. Elizabeth remarried after 2 years and in 1870 moved with her husband and children to near Hiawatha, Kansas.--Ella Huey, Edinburg TX.

Presley Hale (Presley Hale)
born: 14 Oct 1835 (Warrick Co. IN)
died: Feb 20,1903
age: 67
marriage: Oct 24,1856; Mary Jane Williams (b. July 13, 1836; d.Sept 29, 1878)
children: Isham W. Hale (b.Oct 22,1857; d. 09 Jan 1935; m. 12 Nov 1882 to Malonia A. Bullock b. 24 Jul 1858; d. 2 Jan 1944; c. Clara D. Hale b. 1869; m. 25 Dec 1890, c. Ida Hale b. ?)

Joseph Hale (Joseph-Rebecca)
born: Nov. 1836
died: 1913
age: 77
marriage: Rebecca Williams (b. Dec.1853)
-Ivola Bell Hale (b.1870),
-Anna I. Hale (b.06-24-1876; m. Henry W. Skelton),
-Bina Hale (b.1877),
-James H. Hale (b.10-1886),
-Raleigh Hale (b.10-1889),
-Elsie Hale (b.Aug 4, 1892; m. William E Spradlin)

James Hale
born: 1839, Indiana, USA
marriage: Chartolle b. Abt 1840, Tennessee, USA
children: Levina A Hale b. Abt 1860, Indiana, USA

Elsie C Hale (Ailsie"Aley")
born: 17 FEBRUARY 1843 • Indiana
died: MAY 1916 • South Second street, Boonville, Indiana
marriage: 20 Oct 1863 • Taylorville, Warrick, Indiana, USA John F. Katterjohn (1843–1906)
note1: b. Abt 1844, Indiana, USA (we have Ailsie(Alley)(1844-?) m. Ketterjohn)
note2: The above updated information was submitted by Jennifer via email on Aug 19,2020

Henry W. Hale
born: 30 Oct 1845, Indiana, USA
marriage: Mary A. unknown (d.01-15-1894)

John McCoy Hale
born: Abt 1848, Warrick County, Indiana, USA
died: 08-05-1916 (Warrick Co., IN)
marriage: Elmira Grey
children: Rufus Hale
note: John's birthdate per 1860 census: 12 yrs. old.

Mary (Mollie) Jane Hale
born: Abt 1852, Indiana, USA
marriage: Jim Day

William Brannick Hale
born: March 1854 Huntingburg, Warrick, Indiana, USA
marriage: Alwilda Baker (b.1858 in Kentucky?)
children: Hubert H. Hale (b. Apr 12,1890, Stendal, IN) see a June 5, 1917 WW 1 registration card for Hubert H. Hale (tall, slender, color of eyes: light blue, color of hair: brown"; m.Oct 7,1911 in Warrick County to Lillie M Newman (b. Apr 12, age 21, c. Harry H., William P., Noble H., Gerard E. see marriage document
note: see the 1930 Gibson County census; see a 1930 census that names William Hale (age 76)as father in law and Alwilda(age 71)as mother in law of Harry D McVey(age55) and wife Parolee(age 52)

Source and documents on William B. Hale supplied by Angela Mink.

Rebecca M. Hale
born: Abt 1855, Indiana, USA
marriage: Barna Taylor


Additional Children of Isham Hale?
Guest | March 18, 2007 - 2:17am

I am looking for information about John McCoy Hale. Information from other web sites say he was born in Indiana in 1848 and died 08-05-1916 in Warrick County, Indiana.

On his death certificate his mother is listed as Elizabeth Taylor and his father as unknown. His wife was Elmira Gray Hale. I am trying to find out who his father was. The closet I have come to this is the listings in the 1850 & 1860 census for Warrick county which show an Isham Hale, wife's name Elizabeth Hale and a son named John.

In 1850 John's age is shown as 1 year and in 1860 it is 12. The 1860 age puts the birth date at 1848. Is it possible that John McCoy Hale is a brother to Levi Madison Hale, and son of Isham Hale? I would appreciate any information you might provide on these three Hale men.
Freeman Grover, grandson of Henrietta LaVesta Hale.


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